Themes to Consider for Paracord-Based Holiday Gifts

It’s holiday season, and for those still on the hunt for the perfect gift for the artistic, crafty person in their life, there are few options as versatile as paracord. Useful for everything from basic arts and crafts to high-strength practical needs, paracord is a strong, enjoyable product that can be utilized in a variety of ways.

At Paracord Galaxy, we’re here to help you find the perfect paracord holiday gift for anyone in your life. From our 550 paracord to our paracord bracelet kits and many other products, we have every paracord piece or accessory you could need to put together a great present. Let’s go over a few of the top options or formats generally chosen by gift-givers utilizing paracord this time of year.

themes paracord-based holiday gifts

Paracord Hobbyists

For someone you already know as a paracord hobbyist, it’s unlikely you’ll be surprising them with any tool or kit they haven’t already experienced at some point. However, new paracord colors and patterns crop up regularly, and this is a great way to impress someone who already loves paracord.

If you already know your charge’s favorite paracord colors and patterns, choose a grouping that fits it to help them restock. In other cases, consider buying several spools of new paracord patterns to let them try out something new.

Paracord Kits

If you’re looking to get someone into paracord crafting or know they’re just getting started in this world, there are a variety of excellent beginner paracord kits to consider. Our bracelet kits are one great choice, and there are also products like dog collar kits and sports team kits that allow the user to take part in crafts for a purpose they connect with. These kits are a perfect way to get someone who is still new to paracord into it and help them understand the options and qualities it comes with.

Tool Options

Whether you’re buying for an expert paracord crafter or a beginner, there are a variety of tool types you might consider gifting them. We stock a huge range of tools, from scissors and other cutting options to lacing needles, winding ladders, aglet tips and numerous others. You may also consider fids, knotter’s tools or even paracord jigs.

Other Hardware

There are also a variety of practical hardware items you can purchase as a gift, especially if you know someone who loves to turn their paracord crafts into usable items. They’re often used for clasps or carabiners, for instance, or on zipper pulls and cord locks.

For more on how to source and purchase the perfect paracord gift for a friend or loved one this holiday season, or to learn about any of our bulk paracord or other products, speak to the staff at Paracord Galaxy today.