Thank you for always providing such amazing customer service! I am amazed at how quickly you ship, and how fast I receive orders. Your company is definitely the best I’ve worked with, and your cord is amazing. Just the color options alone are fantastic! They are always a hit with anyone who wants me to make custom handles for their Jeeps that they haven’t seen anywhere else. I couldn’t do it without the hundreds of options you provide. I love that you offer ‘samples’ of your cord, as well. It makes it much easier for people to choose what they want when they’ve seen them in person, instead of just seeing them on a website. My only problem is I want them ALL! 🙂 My Jeep was recently in a show, and I think I answered about a hundred questions about the ‘amazing’ paracord items I have in mine. When I told them I could make anything they needed in just about every conceivable color combo, they were thrilled! Thank you for helping me make people happy! I love the fact that my uncle, who makes/sells cord stuff when they winter in AZ, brought me a bunch of your stuff, that got me hooked!

I know people typically only write to complain, so I just wanted you to get a HAPPY email today telling you that y’all ROCK! I can’t wait for this batch of cord and samples to arrive so that I can get orders finalized with customers, and get my next batch of cord ordered with you!

Thank you for your amazing service. Y’all are the BEST!