Primer on History and Evolution of Paracord

At Paracord Galaxy, we’re proud to offer a wide range of paracord products, from our 550 cord to bungee cord and many other options. Our products not only cover a wide base of potential uses, but are also steeped in significant history that dates back decades.

Many aren’t aware, but paracord has a history that stretches back to military purposes all the way in the mid-1900s and World War II. This is often because today, paracord has become a wildly popular material that’s used for a variety of purposes, from practical to crafty and many in between. Let’s take a look at how paracord first came to be, how it’s evolved over the years and some of the modern purposes it now carries.

primer history evolution paracord

World War II Beginnings

There’s a longer story here for another time, but the simple version is this: In World War II, American soldiers were introduced to paracord when it was used in their parachute lines. Parachutes were a big part of this war, one of the most common delivery methods for American soldiers into foreign territory.

And once they landed, soldiers began to pick up the habit of saving the paracord in their lines. They would then use the material for a wide variety of uses, from emergency fixes to a way to hold their dog tags.

Before long, paracord became a standard military supply item that was regularly shipped with soldiers, even those who were not using parachutes. Eventually, as we’ll cover in our subsequent sections, this became as much a tradition as a practical step.

Military Purposes and Veterans

As this tradition continued to build, including its possible origins during the Vietnam War, wearing a paracord bracelet as a military member began to take on a serious meaning. These bracelets would often be given by one soldier in a platoon to another, a sign that they had each other’s backs during combat. Some made them for themselves as a symbol of self-sustainability.

And within the last couple decades, the theme has been picked up by military veterans as well. Those who had a significant knowledge of knots and ties found paracord to be a great craft and a way to pass the time, and some even began making their own bracelets and earning some extra income from them.

Survival and Preparedness

At the same time as the above, paracord has also increased in popularity for related preparedness trends. Perhaps emulating soldiers through history, the survival and preparedness industries have become inundated with paracord and similar products in recent years. The material is versatile and useful for a wide range of needs when in the wild.

Awareness and Causes

Finally, paracord bracelets have become a popular way of showing support for a given cause. They’re commonly used for areas like breast cancer awareness, for instance, or will regularly be worn by members of a community where someone has died in the line of duty, such as policemen or firefighters.

For more on the history and modern uses of paracord, or for information on any of our paracord products, speak to the staff at Paracord Galaxy today.