Common Tools Used in Various Paracord Craft Projects

Paracord has a number of practical uses available, and one of the most common is within the crafting world. Whether as a hobby or a business, paracord crafting is a big industry that’s filled with both numerous paracord options and various tools utilized to craft it properly.

At Paracord Wholesale, we offer a wide range of paracord materials and paracord supplies for every crafting project you might be considering, from our 550 paracord to numerous other options. Today’s blog will go over a few of the most common tools used for paracord crafting, plus some that will be based around the specific needs of a project or production method.

tools paracord craft projects

Basic Essentials

While we’ll get into a bunch of project-based needs in a moment, there area really only two major tools you have to have for virtually every kind of paracord craft:

  • Cutting tool: Whether we’re talking scissors, a knife or some other specialty tool, you have to be able to cut the paracord to your desired lengths and dimensions.
  • Fire tool: To prevent fraying, utilize a heat source to seal paracord ends. You can use a Bic lighter, a match or any other kind of basic fire device here – be sure to use these safely.

Project-Based Needs

From here, the tools you choose for your project will depend on the specific project itself. Let’s look at some of the common tools often utilized here:

  • Smoothing tool: To save your fingers from being burned when you seal paracord ends using heat, get a smoothing tool or a pair of pliers to hold the cord.
  • Fids: Fids are similar to sewing needles in many ways, allowing you to weave or lace bracelets and other designs. They’re vital for more complex designs that require precision.
  • Marlinspike: If you’ve never heard of this device, it’s basically just a fid with a handle. It’s great for untying tough knots and tightening complex knots.
  • Bracelet jig: A bracelet jig will help you speed up the process of making multiple bracelets for any reason.
  • Monkey fist jig: For those making monkey fist knots, this tool is essential. It’s also great for keychains and decorations.

Production Tools

If you craft often or do so on a production basis as part of your living, here are a couple tools that can aid in speeding up production times:

  • Belt jig: For those making belts or similar items, this item is extremely helpful.
  • Hot knife: A hot knife is perfect for cutting your paracord cleanly and evenly, plus heat-seals the ends as it’s performing basic cuts, saving you from needing to do this yourself.

For more on the kinds of tools you might consider for your next paracord project, or to learn about any of our bulk paracord options, speak to the staff at Paracord Wholesale today.