Common Paracord Storage Options to Consider

At Paracord Wholesale, we’re proud to be your one-stop shop for all your paracord needs, from our 550 cord to parachute cords and numerous other paracord supplies. We have the perfect materials for everyone from your occasional paracord craft-maker to dedicated paracord purchasers who order in heavy bulk.

One common need for our clients, particularly those who buy large quantities of paracord, is storage. We offer a few top options here, and there are also a few areas you can consider on a DIY basis for storing certain kinds of paracord. Let’s look at some of the best and most common paracord storage themes for you to consider.

common paracord storage options

Utility Spools and Winders

For a high level of convenience and ease, a paracord winder like those we offer at the link above is often a great choice. These are simple items that allow for a variety of storage themes, whether it’s a basic wrapping job or attachment points, cord cutters or other add-ons.

Similar items include spools, which can generally be easily rolled up and brought along on a camping trip or some other kind of excursion if needed. There are a variety of spools out there, including heavy-duty options.

Magic Hank

For those experienced with knots and various kinds of rope and cord, the best knotting method for storing paracord is generally considered to be the “Magic Hank” knot. This is a knot you’ve likely seen before: When done correctly, it leads to a tightly-wrapped grouping of cord with several horizontal layers serving as the “wrapping” if you will.

The goal is for you to be able to pull one end whenever you want to untie the knot – it will immediately dispense, allowing you to pull as much cord as you need while keeping the rest neatly rolled up. It will take some practice to learn if you’ve never tied it before, but it’s well worth your time for simple, compact paracord storage.

Buying in Spools

If you’re a crafter who buys large amounts of paracord for a variety of potential reasons, consider buying in spools – both for convenience and storage reasons. These options bring you built-in storage while also helping control your costs. You can easily rig spools on a dowel to dispense as much cord as you need.

Stuff Jar

Finally, one item many people already have is a stuff jar, a self-contained jar that allows you to access your paracord at any time without tangling issues. If possible, buy a wide-mouth jar that allows you to stuff more quickly – then use a lid that allows you to feed the cord through one end and pull out as much as you need.

For more on paracord storage options, or to learn about any of our wholesale paracord materials, speak to the staff at Paracord Wholesale today.