Paracord Buckles & Shackles


Paracord buckles and shackles are practical as well as decorative, providing the necessary capability for securing belts, bracelets, dog collars and other projects.

Paracord Wholesale has metal and plastic options, whistle buckles and a wide range of survival buckles. We also carry a large selection of shackles, including bow shackles, U-shackles (including adjustable U-shackles) and snap shackles.

Our fasteners are selected for their quality and durability and, because we buy in large quantities, we have some of the most affordable parachute cord fasteners you will find today.

Plastic & Metal Side Release Buckles

Plastic buckles are perfect for craft projects such as bracelets and straps. Available in a wide range of sizes and colors, you can coordinate fasteners with the color and design of your paracord.

Side release paracord buckles are the most common design, and we have all the sizes you need in both metal and plastic. Metal fasteners are ideal for larger projects that are designed for bearing heavier loads. In addition to side release metal buckles, we also have single and double adjustable designs.

Paracord Whistle & Survival Buckles

For adventurers and survivalists, these fasteners serve multiple purposes. You can choose designs that conceal a small blade or a metal striker and flint strip that you can use to spark a fire in the event of an emergency.

Whistle buckles are a great way to provide an added bit of safety and peace-of-mind, allowing the wearer to summon help or call attention to their location is they become lost or separated from the group.

Browse our selection of affordable plastic and metal paracord buckles and contact us if you need assistance.