Comparing Buckles and Shackles for Paracord Projects


buckles shackles paracord projects

For those involved in various connective uses of paracord, the two most popular choices here are shackles and buckles. Whether for a paracord survival bracelet, a belt or any other ...

Themes to Consider for Paracord-Based Holiday Gifts


themes paracord-based holiday gifts

It’s holiday season, and for those still on the hunt for the perfect gift for the artistic, crafty person in their life, there are few options as versatile as paracord. Useful fo ...

Common Tools Used in Various Paracord Craft Projects


tools paracord craft projects

Paracord has a number of practical uses available, and one of the most common is within the crafting world. Whether as a hobby or a business, paracord crafting is a big industry th ...

Basics on Paracord Buckle Sizing and Selection


paracord buckle sizing selection

At Paracord Wholesale, we’re proud to offer a huge variety of paracord supplies for any project or craft you might have in mind. Our 550 paracord and numerous other bulk paracord ...

Common Paracord Storage Options to Consider


common paracord storage options

At Paracord Wholesale, we’re proud to be your one-stop shop for all your paracord needs, from our 550 cord to parachute cords and numerous other paracord supplies. We have the pe ...